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"I gave my 2017 Skoda Octavia RS to Mathew the owner at D'Marshalls for Waxing. I was referred to D'Marshalls by a common friend of mine and Mathew. To be frank I had not heard about them before so i had to rely solely on reviews on Gmaps apart from my friend who highly recommended this place; And once i checked on GMaps; to my surprise all the reviews had 5 star ratings. Hence i had a doubt in mind if all these were actual reviews or not. Hmmm, Can these guys be that good at what they do?!

So i went through a few of the reviews and thought i'd try my luck with them. After all the quote sounded quite easy on the wallet too. Hence i dropped it off trusting them blindly to do a good job on the car. The one thing that stood out from the existing reviews that i went through were the attention to detail that the owner gave to all the cars and bikes being waxed or coated there.

My car had few tiny droplets of paint all over, from the painting that was done in the apartment building i was staying at. And the close proximity to the beach ensured that the wind had taken care of spraying the fine droplets of paint all over the car. :(. Also thanks to the kids who had changed the parking lot to their football ground, there was a noticeable mark just above the rear left wheel arch from ones of those shots gone astray. So to put it simply they had to get their A game to the table to clear all this apart from the usual swirl marks all over the car.

I got the car delivered to my house on Sunday (Yes, unfortunately the Saturday delivery got delayed and they opened the place on a holiday just to finish the work on my car) by the team and I have to say that I am very happy with the work they have done on the car. Also worth mentioning is that when I was at their place on Saturday and Sunday, they were more than welcome on listening to inputs from me and strived to achieve the best results possible for the client keeping in mind what is best for the car as well.

A big shout out to Mathew and his boys: Sincere, Nihal and Sourav for doing a great job on the car and listening to the many inputs from Mathew and redoing some places where it had to be redone without any hesitance whatsoever.

I would highly recommend D’Marshalls to everyone. I hear they will soon be expanding to an even bigger place that can cater to more cars and bikes at the same time. Good Luck with that and keep up the good work!"

- Vivek S Babu

I took the delivery of my friend's car and I l polished it from D'Marshalls. I Was surprised to see its glazing and finish. In fact, my friend's expression of seeing his car was priceless. As he hugged me and told me that this is not the car which he saw at the showroom. Truly amazing. Special mentioning to Mathew's intense passion to the car and its finish

- Rajeesh Chandran

I have done ceramic coating for my XUV 300 from them at a reasonable rate and their work is an excellent one. The way they deal with the customer is fantastic and they are very customer friendly. They explained the pros and cons of the ceramic coating and cleared my doubts without any hesitation in a very humble manner. Timely and superb after-sales service. I recommend this is the best place for ceramic coating.

- Shylesh Kannoth

I gave my bike for ceramic coating after 1 year and to my surprise the bike was restored almost as new. The Owner (Mathew) is very friendly and explains everything in detail and sincerly. The team at D'Marshalls aim for customer satisfaction rather than making huge business profits.
Attached before and after pics of petrol tank and final looks. Overall highly satisfied.

- Jithin Jaison

This is my first service after my ceramic coating was done Last year..the product and service are awesome. would recommend it to my friends and relatives for sure with a 5 star. All the very best to Mathew and the team.

- Dhijith M


Highly recommended. Superb place with very good quality work by professionals. Owner Mathew is a very patient and informative person and will guide you in selecting the perfect process for detailing your vehicle. I highly recommend D'Marshalls. Did acrylic coating for my vehicle and even after long-distance touring and abuse the vehicle still gets clean with just a wash and wipe.

One word of advice though, the place is getting very busy nowadays so kindly fix an appointment beforehand so that it works best for you as well as for them.

- Harish Krishnan


It went amazing! Good job by the team, great service & hospitality. Have to say they are very professional at what they do. Took 3 days of job but the results were pretty promising and great. Worth the time & money. I highly recommend them for car detailing services.

- Sharath PK

This was my first time using D Marshalls and I cannot express how happy I was with how my car turned out. My jaw immediately dropped when I saw it. Awesome guy and professional service. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to have cosmetics done to their car. I feel good customer behaviour and good work also I feel so happy to see my car now work was that much good now my car looks more than showroom condition

- Vyshnav

I really love the team. The quality of the work, customer support is remarkable. I am very happy as a customer. I did ceramic coating for my Honda WRV and I am extremely happy with the result. Mr.Mathew valued our time and delivered the car prior the time he committed. He shown me some maintenance tips to ensure the durability of coatings. Even after the work they are ready to help you. I am well satisfied with their work. I personally recommend you D' MARSHALLS

- Midhun Cholayil

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